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Chamber Bucks

Your Membership in the Concordia Area Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your business and your community. The Chamber's mission is to promote and improve the business environment, stimulate a vibrant local economy and produce a cooperative effort to enhance the overall quality of life in Concordia to its highest potential. A Chamber membership places your business at the center of economic growth and progress. 


Chamber Bucks can be used in over 160 different Chamber Member businesses. Please click the button above for the Chamber Bucks List.  Chamber Bucks work just like cash for both the customer and the member business. Chamber Bucks make the perfect gift and come in increments of $5, $10, $20 and $25. for the customer's convenience. They must be used in full at the time of purchase.  The member business redeems the Chamber Bucks for payment at The Concordia Chamber of Commerce, 207 W 6th, Downtown Concordia. 

Chamber Bucks are becoming more and more popular in Concordia and Member businesses are finding it financially beneficial to encourage their customers to use them in their stores.  Each member is provided a sign to hang near their register or on their door.

With the ever-changing times in the business community, the Chamber has partnered with various entities to purchase Chamber Bucks for their employees whether it be for birthdays, annual anniversary dates or Christmas.  Last December alone, we issued almost $50,500.00 in Chamber Bucks to community employees. 

Purchasing Chamber Bucks ensures that the money is spent locally at almost 160 Member businesses.  This is also an opportunity to give the receiver the ability to purchase what they really want or need. It is a win, win!   If you would like to purchase Chamber Bucks from us and would like them mailed, please send payment in check made out to the Chamber of Commerce and a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a note to that person and we will get them in the mail ASAP.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept debit/credit cards at this time.  If you have any questions, please call 785-243-4290.



Everyone loves Chamber Bucks!


Businesses accepting chamber bucks list-

Here are all of the businesses accepting chamber bucks:

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